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Lunch Lecture: E-Refinaries

  • Hall D, Faculty 3mE, TU Delft (map)

Hydrogen is globally considered the key molecule in storing renewable electrons in a chemical form. Technologies focusing on the generation, storage and utilization of hydrogen are intensely researched in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

The HyET group consists of several strategic companies developing leading key technologies to make this energy transition possible. HyET Hydrogen develops solid state hydrogen compressors that can purify and compress hydrogen from ambient pressures to over 1000 bar in a single stage. HyET Solar manufactures flexible solar PV that can be employed in a very cost-effective manner and can be utilized to generate hydrogen. Finally HyET Low Carbon will focus on capturing and optionally processing of CO2 which is a by-product of the reforming of (bio-)gas to generate hydrogen gas. This lecture will focus on hydrogen as key molecule, its role in the new energy economy and the technical challenges in arriving there.

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