Solar Powered Carpark for Charging Electric Vehicles


For established airports like Schiphol, electric grid infrastructure is often used at maximum capacity of the connection for the terminal building (which is extremely energy dense). However, with increase in the use of electric vehicles among passengers, visitors and staff, and corresponding demand for charging infrastructure, electrical loads in the parking areas are increasing rapidly. This means that connection infrastructure needs to be upgraded or mitigation strategies need to be adopted to cater to the increasing loads.

Though the areas covered by modules needed to reliably and independently charge vehicles (cars) at normal speeds through solar energy are generally prohibitively large, off-grid solar carports may be an option for long-term parking spaces, where speed of charging is typically not an issue.

Research Assignment:

You will contribute toward the research work done in the area mentioned above and will work together with researchers and students at TU Delft and the Green Village as well as with the other partners in PowerParking. You will use a combination of computer modelling and experimental measurements and your findings will lead to a better understanding of the system and its operation.

You will be expected to step out of the University to independently find/ measure data to support your work. You can also investigate business or design cases based on the results of your feasibility study depending on where your interests lie.