Energy Data Science

Discovergy offers smart energy metering solutions to both private and corporate clients. We enable our clients to monitor, optimize and take control of their energy consumption and production. We are a fast growing Big Data company, collecting and processing hundreds of millions of measurements every day. We have one of the most flexible and scalable architectures build using innovative and state of the art technologies. We are looking for skilled and enthusiastic developers joining our dynamic and highly skilled team!


Research and development of advanced machine learning models for analysing large time series data

Validation, testing and improvement of existing models

Work on deriving insights from the real world data collected from our smart meters.

The exact project can be discussed with the student but some of the topics of interest are:

o PV diagnosis: Automatic detection of abnormal patterns in microgrids

o Anomaly identification in time series electricity consumption data

o Energy disaggregation to obtain itemised description of the appliance energy consumption from smart meter data o Customer segmentation based on consumption patterns.

Application Deadline: ASAP
Where: Heidelberg, Germany
Suitable Programmes: Not specified