Big data analysis of energy consumption in houses

Always wanted to write your master thesis on big data analysis of energy consumption in houses?

In the OPSCHALER project, smart meter data on gas and electricity consumption in 100 houses have been collected, as well as data on user behaviour, comfort and the house itself. We are looking for a student who wants to analyse this data and research in how far it can be used for energy prediction at home level (e.g. for integration in smart networks) and to give the occupants automated advice on how to reduce their energy consumption (e.g. by insulation or changing the boiler or  the fridge or their habits).

Example of suitable backgrounds:  SET master, EPT master, civil engineering, 3ME, TPM, EECMS, with affinity with energy and data-analysis.

Start: now

Contact: Prof. dr. Laure Itard (l.c.m.itard@tudelft)