Solid oxide electrolyser based system for energy storage and sector coupling

The DLR’s Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics is working on the utilization of technologies of energy conversion that are efficient and gentle on resources as well as on the accelerated utilization of renewable energies. Within this context the Department of Electrochemical Energy Technology at Stuttgart, Germany, invites applicants from all over the world to work with us

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Energy Data Science

Work on deriving insights from the real world data collected from our smart meters. The exact project can be discussed with the student but some of the topics of interest are: PV diagnosis, Automatic detection of abnormal patterns in microgrids, Anomaly identification in time series electricity consumption data, Energy disaggregation and Customer segmentation based on consumption patterns.

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Development of FreshWaterMill

For St. Eustatius water supply is of eminent importance and as the island is striving to become 100% sustainable for energy and water production they are looking for a water supply system of about 200 m3/day. SolteQ Energy has developed FreshWaterMill, a hydraulic windmill that efficiently converts wind energy into high pressure.

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