Open University PhD Fellowship Opportunities at the Energy DTA

The OU plans to offer 3 PhD Fellowship opportunities through the Energy DTA in the following areas: 1. Understanding the impact of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on decisions to reduce embodied energy and carbon from buildings led by Dr Alice Moncaster and Dr Sally Caird (at the OU) and Dr Tove Malmqvist (KTH), Sweden. 2. Mathematical modelling of storage and demand-side management in power systems led by Dr Benjamin Mestel, Professor William Nuttall, Dr Katrine Rogers, Dr Toby O’Neil (at the OU) and Professor Etorre Bompard, Politecnico di Torino, Italy. 3. Socio-technical study of the integration of renewable energy technology in existing domestic buildings led by Dr Sally Caird and Dr Alice Moncaster (at the OU).

Application Deadline:                The DTA3 Programme is advertised on 3rd September 2018 with appointments expected in April 2019 or October 2019
Where:                                           United Kingdom

Juliet Bouw