Energy End Use Data Collection Methodologies

The International Energy Agency, together with the French Environment & Energy Management Agency co‐leads the G20 end use data and energy efficiency metrics initiative. This initiative aims at providing a means for participating G20 countries to share knowledge, methodologies and experiences in collecting and using end use data and efficiency metrics for policy‐making. Under this framework, G20 countries wish to understand the different ways of collecting end use data, and how to streamline the data collected into their official energy statistics. What’s more, technological development is enabling the emergence of new methods to collect and analyse increasing amounts of data, it becomes key to identify and understand new methods, and explore their benefits and drawbacks for implementation in different geographies within the domain of energy.  

The IEA plans to co‐lead a workshop around these issues, and to develop a working paper that identifies and discusses recent developments in end use data collection, along with best practices and experiences at national level, based on research and surveys to experts.  

Application Deadline:                17th May 2019
Where: Paris, France