Blue Battery and Hydrogen car as sustainable and local electricity storage in (micro) grids at The Green Village

Who are we and do we do?

We are AquaBattery a team of highly motivated engineers interested in water technology. We have developed a battery that can store electricity using only water and table-salt, which we named: the Blue Battery! Renewable energy technologies, such as wind and solar energy, are increasingly deployed. However, these energy sources are intermittent, meaning at the time of electricity supply there may be no demand. So, the excess energy is lost. Furthermore, when the supply level is too high, electrical grids become unstable which could lead to severe damages. Our Blue Battery can help solve these problems. Are you interested in renewable energy technologies and you would like to develop, and keen to enter the startup world, then you are the person we are looking for.

Who are you hands-on and what can you expect?

You are a master student at a Dutch university pursuing a degree relative water, energy, sustainability or environmental technology development. You have hands on experience with following experiments, data analysis, literature review and write technical reports with combination practical work, are able to work in a multidisciplinary team and have excellent transferable skills. You will be working with a team of high profile professionals. You will have the opportunity to learn everything about the Blue Battery and obtain hands-on experience in technical - applied side of the company. You can expect supervision and coaching from our and you will receive a compensation for your work.