Meet the board members of 2019



Hey! I am Rameen, currently pursuing my masters in sustainable energy technology which is my first step in assisting the energy transition. During my bachelor in mechanical engineering in UAE, I was influenced by the sifting focus of an oil rich country towards sustainable energy and therefore opted for a specialization in it. Leading me to gain an understanding of the shift in worlds energy landscape and the necessity of this transition to preserve earth for future generations.

Energy is a necessity that defines our quality of life. It is an integral part of our daily routines, making it possible for us to survive in the extreme conditions. Until now we have been harnessing this energy from fossil formed in millions of years. Where with the growing worldwide population of above 7 billion people, the rate of consumption has surpassed the rate of fossil production. Therefore, crossing the environmental limits, calling for an immediate action. Which can only be possible by giving direction and perspective to the youth who will solve this global energy challenge. As the Chair of Energy Club, along with my team i will use this platform to guide the youth by collaboration with market parties, research groups and policy makers. Let’s join hands and walk towards a sustainable future!


Hi! I am Saraf, currently a second year Bachelors student in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the TU Delft. I have always harbored a passion for research and advancement in the field of energy transition and sustainability, two prime chapters for a greener tomorrow. As an International student, studying in a Dutch environment, I have always noticed a gap between the bachelor students and the industry or the updates of the energy world. Hence, I decided to take a leap and become part of the TU Energy Club, pioneering as a Bachelors boardie, to become the medium through which more bachelor students, besides masters individuals, can get exposure to the energy updates and opportunities available within and beyond the university. Coming from Bangladesh, I have always had a passion to broaden my knowledge about the future of renewable energy technology and via the Energy club, I want to gain knowledge, create discussion spaces, network with experts and peers, enhance student experience and redefine the EC mission.

As a secondary role, I will be performing as a student representative of the TU Delft Wind Energy Institute (DUWIND) and the Ocean Energy Platform, under the Delft Energy Initiative, whereby, through different projects, lunch lectures, events and networking opportunities we will work towards making the scopes of involvement in these fields for students more prominent.


Strategy | Public Relations

Hey! My name is Pedro. After completing my bachelor in Industrial and Management Engineering in Portugal, I came to TU Delft to take the master of Sustainable Energy Technology. Over the past years, I have become increasingly more interested in the energy transition and how companies should face it. The corporate world acts on a global and profit-oriented scale, given this fact, solutions that satisfy both companies and the environmental targets should be found and I aim to take part in that. I believe that to efficiently arrive to such solutions, building bridges between students, researchers, policy-makers and businesses is the first step to take.

Being TU Delft’s student initiative of reference in the energy field, the Energy Club has a strategic position to contribute to a more sustainable future. In the coming year, I want to add value by enhancing the club’s position as a pivotal platform when it comes to building the bridge between students and the industry so that a more effective diffusion of knowledge is achieved.

Projects Commissioner

Hey! I am Nived. I am an Electrical Power Engineering Master’s student at TU Delft. Ever since my undergrad, I have been passionate about electrification in the automobile industry. Working and learning in the field of electrification, I learned more about sustainability and this gave me a newfound love towards the energy transition.
Being a part of the Energy Club, I wish to help accelerate the energy transition by showcasing the myriad of opportunities to the students in this field. As project commissioner, I wish to involve myself in acquiring projects to provide to students which would inspire them to take part in the energy transition for a sustainable future.


External Relations

Hey! My name is Duco. I’m doing the master Sustainable Energy Technology at the Delft University of Technology. The complexity of the energy transition has always fascinated me. My passion for delivering cleaner energy solutions and increased efficiency through digitalisation started at an early age when I built a solar cell as a graduation project in secondary school. Subsequently, I further developed my interest in the energy transition in my bachelors of Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft.

I think we are at a stepping stone in the energy transition. The climate change is widely accepted and the time of talking about the energy transition is over and the time for taking action has come to our doorstep. Together with the students of the TU Delft I want to be actively participate in the energy transition instead of watching from the sidelines.

As the external relations commissioner I will be keeping in touch with companies, tracking thesis opportunities, internships and jobs. Besides that, I aim to organize events that highlight the multidisciplinary side of the energy transition to include students from all faculties.

Treasurer | Internship Officer

My name is Niels. Already many years back, I was fascinated by the big rotating things on the horizon, wind turbines. The broader field of renewable energy technologies followed quickly. This led me to do a masters in Sustainable Energy Technology, after finishing my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

This year I will be in charge of the finances of our board. My second role is the one of Internships commissioner. My goal is to expand our database and make it more visible and accessible for students. I will try to find many interesting and challenging energy related internships opportunities for all our members! Also, I will be involved with the All Energy Day board, helping them wherever possible.